The musical life of St Thomas’ is rich and varied. We have an adult choir which sings at the 10am Eucharist service on Sundays. The St Thomas’ band, made up of children and adults, plays at one Sunday service a month. We also have a number of people who regularly sing solos during communion. St Thomas’ even has its very own Mass setting, the ‘Mass of St Thomas the Apostle’, composed especially for the parish by our Director of Music, Simon Clark.

organist and director of music

Our Director of Music is Simon Clark. Simon studied at the Royal Academy of Music, in London. He is a Fellow of the London College of Music and a Fellow of the Royal College of Organists. He is a composer as well as an organist and his music is published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd in the UK and by Jackman Music and Watchfire Music in the USA. Simon composes a huge amount of church music which is performed across the world every Sunday of the year.

Contact Information:

Director of Music: Simon Clark BA, FLCM, FRCO

Mobile: 07961 859344


joining the choir

The choir meet to rehearse on Friday mornings at 11am. Anyone is welcome to come and join us. Our choir rehearsals have always proven to be a wonderful social activity as well as a place to enjoy singing and learning together. If you would like to join us, just speak to Simon after a service, or send him a message.

If you are not available to rehearse at 11am on Friday mornings, please still enquire, as there may be other ways in which you can contribute to the music/singing.

joining the band

As the Psalmist says, ‘Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise’! Anyone can make a joyful noise – and anyone is welcome to join us by singing or playing whatever instrument they can, including percussion. Just speak to Simon after a service, or send him a message. The band normally  have a rehearsal at 9am before the service on the last Sunday of the month.