At St. Thomas, we are here for you during all stages of your journey of faith, including those important first steps. We offer Christenings for children and adult baptisms for young people and adults. You’re never too young or too old to start your journey!


Christenings usually take place during our normal Sunday 10am Eucharist service, so the whole church can support and welcome you and your child. A useful website has been prepared by the Church of England if you’d like more information: click here to visit the site. 

Rev. Cat Connolly has produced a booklet on baptism for children, which you can download by using the button below. For best results, we suggest printing it out. You can also get in touch and we can post one to you.

Download Baptism Booklet


Adult Baptism

If you feel ready to affirm your faith as an adult, baptism is a wonderful step on your journey. We will help you to prepare for it and you can ask all the questions you could ever think of! For more information on adult baptism, feel free to get in touch with us. The Church of England also have a page about adult baptism: click here to visit. 


Confirmation is a very special church service in which you confirm the promises that were made when you were baptised. If you were Christened as a child, these promises were made for you by your parents and godparents. As a young person or adult, you might wish to affirm these promises yourself. More information is available on the Church of England website. 

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Please drop either Rev. Jutta or Rev. Cat a line if you are interested in baptism for yourself or your child, or if you just want to chat about starting your journey of faith.

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