Search for a New Priest

If you’re visiting this page because of our advertisement in the Church Times for a new priest, welcome to our website! This page has been put together to provide you with access to our Parish Profile and some links to give you a flavour of life here at St. Thomas currently. We look forward to hearing from applicants! 


We are hoping for a priest who can aspire to Philippians 2 and offer joy and humility in serving the Lord at St. Thomas. To lift up holy hands in prayer (1 Timothy 2: 8) and to keep hold of the deep truths of the faith (1 Tim 3:9)

We are looking for a compassionate leader on a 0.8 post who will discern with us God’s plans and dreams for our growth, and be excited by the Inspiring Ipswich project; someone approachable, who listens well, cares for each unique individual, encourages, enables and nurtures the gifts of all, and has a heart for young people. Good liturgical worship is important to us, along with preaching which relates scriptures to our lives today. Kindness and pastoral sensitivity will be key to help any who feel anxious about change. We would love someone prayerful, with a passion for spreading the word and love of God in our parish.